About The Book.

What if the best advice for improving your chances of getting into a great pre-school and getting into a great graduate school were the same? 'From Pre-School to Grad School will show you–unequivocally–that it is. That’s because all competitive schools want the same things: students who can...

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The 'Any School' Credo.

There’s a reason why a book promising to help you get into any school is feasible. It’s because all private school boards ultimately want the same things: students who can thrive within the academic environment and later become alumni who positively impact the reputation of the school.

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About The Author.

So, who am I? And what makes me qualified to write a book about getting into any school? I am Kim Palacios, alumna of two prestigious primary and secondary schools and two internationally-ranked universities; I also sat on the admissions committee of a #1 program...

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"From Preschool to Grad School: Strategies for Success at Any Level of Competitive Admissions" is currently available for sale on Amazon.com.