People frequently ask me what preschool admissions officers could possibly hope to achieve through interviewing toddlers. Common logic dictates that it may not be possible, much less appropriate, to compare two- and three-year-olds to their peers. Yet, no authorities have spoken more candidly to me than those working in preschools; last week, the Director of Admissions at a preschool to 12th grade prep school with a track record of sending grads to the Ivy League told me a story that helped crystallize a concept I have struggled to articulate for..

This is a bit off-topic–something that I originally considered using in Chapter 1 of the book, but ultimately omitted after deciding not to include PhD programs within my spectrum of focus.  I thought I’d write about it here, since some trends in the PhD program world were too interesting to ignore. The story for how hard it is to get into a PhD program is a bit more complicated than the preschool/prep school/college/grad school perspective discussed in the book, given the relationship between PhD program size and university funding. Since..